How To Keep Squirrels And Other Pests Out Of Your Attic

If you have noticed that your pets are scratching a lot more than normal and leaving behind urine and messes then you could be in need of some pest control. There are many different types of services offered by pest control companies. Some are more than others. Here are some things to consider when looking for a Pest Control Service.

Pest Control Service – This is the service that will handle all of the extermination aspects for you. A pest control service will handle a whole list of creepy pests inside of your house. They will even deal with termites, beetles, mice, wasps, roaches, and bed bugs. A professional pest control service will usually work with you on a regular basis to gauge the current level and kind of infestations and then put out a plan to completely eradicate the pests out of your house. Sometimes a Pest Control Service may also offer inspections on your house as well.

Exterminator – An exterminator will come in and completely tear down your attic to get rid of any pests and rats that might be residing in your attic. They will usually use chemicals to kill the pests as well. The Pest Control exterminator will know exactly how much of your attic to remove. If you live in an older house, you might have to go up into the attic and check for water damage to the beams and joists of the attic. An exterminator can provide much better service then an average Pest Control Service.

Pest Control Service – Using liquid termiticides is one of the common methods of getting rid of pests. Liquid termiticides are generally safe to use but still need to be handled with care because they do have long term side effects like blindness and skin irritations. When using these types of pesticides, always wear gloves and eye protection and be sure to follow all the instructions carefully. Also be sure to work only in a well ventilated area.

Sift and Shake – Sometimes an exterminator will also use a sift and shake to get rid of pests in your attic. This process is similar to shaking a potato. The pest control service will get a couple of baskets, filled with liquid pesticides and they will shake them out all over your attic. They hope to get rid of squirrels and roaches but sometimes won’t be able to completely get rid of them.

Sprays – There are also special sprays that you can use. These pesticides are often called “non-traditional” pesticides. They are made from natural plant based toxins rather than toxic chemicals. These sprays are best used in combination with other types of pest control services. Remember that all pesticides pose potential risks so you should consult your pest control company about whether or not you should use any of them.

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